The First Day of School

I vividly remember my first day of school as my mother stayed a bit for a chat with the Kindergarten teacher. Shortly, she left. I remember holding back the tears, as the feelings of excitement changed to anxiety from being left alone for the first time. Everything else that happened on that day are now fuzzy and well, even forgotten. As I look back, I realize the speed of changing emotions as a child. One minute you’re happy and excited, the next minute you are seemingly having some sort of panic attack!

Today is a perfect timing to explore and understand all the feelings that go with the first day of school. Before you can understand your little one’s feelings, try to understand your own. Let’s follow Smart Tinker’s LOOK-SOUND-FEEL thinking routine.

Let’s ask ourselves:

1. How do I look when I talk about the upcoming first day of school?

2. How do I sound like?

3. What emotions do i have about my child’s first day of school?

This is important because, all the emotions that your child may feel about this first day can be a reflection from yours.

Alright… So…

Monday is officially the start of a new school year at Kids’ Cabin. After all the one-on-one parent consultations I conducted, all the enthusiastic explanation of our preschool curriculum, the clarifications made on concerns they raised, all the preparations made to every nook and cranny/and to every STEAM activity, the teachers’ meetings, the team meetings… the day is finally 1 sleep away!


(Filipino children are adorably introduced to sense of time by answering the question, “ilang tulog pa?” –translated to “how many night sleeps to go?”)

And right now, I find myself asking those 3 questions! Because I know that the huge part of the whole “first day” experience will fall into our hands.

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