Our Approach

We don't see children as empty vessels that just need filling up.

We see children as full of potential, competent, creative, and capable of building their own ideas. They have their own identities and abilities and can construct meaningful experiences. So we don't just 'bombard' them with facts and 'train' them different skills. We let them discover these for themselves. Children learn best through experiences using all their senses.

We work together.

And we're not just talking about parents and teachers. The child itself is part of this collaboration. We work together to build a culture that respects childhood as a time to explore, create and be joyful. We allow children to have some control over the direction of their learning as this leads to the discovery of their unique abilities and identities.

We encourage parents to participate actively and follow through on these principles at home. This will lead to fuller and more effective development for the child.

We encourage children to create strong relationships.

Children are social beings. We do not focus on each child in isolation. We view them in relation to other children, their family, the teachers, and the community.

We create endless opportunities for children to express themselves.

We consider the environment as the child's "third teacher". Throughout our school, children are engaged and informed at each turn. Opportunities to interact are at every corner. Regular outdoor activities are held to ensure that children make a complete sense of the world around them.